The University of York is located in the city of York, in United Kingdom. Established in 1963, the university has expanded to more than thirty departments and centers, covering a wide range of subjects. It is globally renowned for life-changing research and academic excellence, while it offers students and staff a range of opportunities to engage in an international experience, from study exchanges to summer schools. The University also collaborates with institutions across the world, through partnerships, networks, and research.

York is a lively, full of culture city regularly voted one of the best places to live and visit in the UK. In 2019 it was named the best place to live in the North and North East by “The Sunday Times”. With a population of 200.000, it is big enough to feel lively but small enough to feel like home. York is easy to explore on foot or by bike, with plenty of cycle lanes and paths. The cobbled streets of York are lined with history, a buzzing atmosphere and independent shops, and restaurants for everyone to enjoy.


Campus West

Campus West is the original and largest area of campus, where the majority of the university’s departments, colleges and facilities are based. It is an inspiring environment to study and live in, with characterful 1960’s buildings, a lake, and a variety of wildlife. Central Hall is the distinct centerpiece of campus and where most of the students start and finish their university experience. Campus West also incorporates the York Science Park and the National Science Learning Centre. In general, there are plenty of spots where you can meet people and socialize on campus, such as cafés, bars, sports facilities, and cinemas.

Campus East

Campus East, which is the second campus, opened in 2009 and now hosts three colleges and three departments as well as conference spaces, a sports village, and a business start-up ‘incubator’. It is a hub of creative activity, where you will find extensive media complex, modern teaching buildings with dedicated areas for collaboration and large green spaces, great for a picnic in the summer. Campus East is only a 20-minute walk, 10-minute cycle or a quick and free bus ride away from Campus West.




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Accounting, Business Finance and Management

Actuarial Science

Applied Social Science


Archaeology and Heritage




Biomedical Sciences

Biotechnology and Microbiology

Business and Management

Business of the Creative Industries


Computer Science

Computer Science with Cyber Security

Computer Science/Mathematics (Equal)


Curating and Art History



Economics and Econometrics

Economics and Finance

Economics, Econometrics and Finance

Economics/Mathematics (Equal)

Economics/Philosophy (Equal)

Economics/Politics (Equal)


Electronic Engineering

Electronic Engineering with Business Management

Electronic Engineering with Music Technology Systems

Electronic Engineering with Nanotechnology

Electronic and Communication Engineering

Electronic and Computer Engineering

Electronic and Electrical Engineering


English Language and Linguistics

English in Education

English/History (Equal)

English/History of Art (Equal)

English/Linguistics (Equal)

English/Philosophy (Equal)

English/Politics (Equal)

Environment, Economics and Ecology

Environmental Geography

Environmental Science

Film and Television Production

Finance, Operations Research, Management and Statistics

French and German Language (with a year abroad)

French and Italian Language (with a year abroad)

French and Linguistics (with a year abroad)

French and Philosophy (with a year abroad)

French and Spanish Language (with a year abroad)


German and Italian Language (with a year abroad)

German and Linguistics (with a year abroad)

German and Philosophy (with a year abroad)

German and Spanish Language (with a year abroad)

Global Development (with a year in industry)

Historical Archaeology


History and French (with a year abroad)

History of Art

History/Economics (Equal)

History/Philosophy (Equal)

History/Politics (Equal)

Human Geography and Environment

Interactive Media

International Relations

Italian and Linguistics (with a year abroad)

Italian and Spanish Language (with a year abroad)


Law and Criminology




Mathematics and Finance (Equal)

Mathematics and Statistics (Equal)

Mathematics/Computer Science (Equal)

Mathematics/Philosophy (Equal)

Mathematics/Physics (Equal)

Medical Engineering

Medical Science


Micro-mechanical Engineering

Midwifery Practice

Molecular Cell Biology


Music Technology Systems

Music and Sound Recording

Natural Sciences




Philosophy, Politics and Economics


Physics with Astrophysics

Physics with Philosophy


Politics with International Relations


Psychology in Education

Robotic Engineering

Social Policy

Social Policy, Crime and Criminal Justice

Social Work

Social and Political Sciences

Social and Political Sciences with Philosophy


Sociology with Criminology

Sociology with Social Psychology

Sociology/Education (equal)

Spanish and Linguistics (with a year abroad)

Theatre: Writing, Directing and Performance

Theoretical Physics