In a world where everything seems to be rapidly changing, we need to be able to adapt, grow, thrive and adapt again. That is what The University of Suffolk does.

Established in 2007, The University of Suffolk is a transformational university which prepares students for the twenty first century current world of employment and enterprise. The university is committed to offering their students and employees a sympathetic and inspirational environment, in which they are treated as an individual and not a number. This establishment has had a global effect on research and innovation and brings many opportunities to their region for local growth and advancement. Recently, the University of Suffolk invested 5.5 million pounds to refurbish The Atrium, which is home to STEM subjects.

Located on the east coast of the United Kingdom, Suffolk is naturally surrounded by overwhelming sky and sea views. This city offers a very unique and vivid cultural experience, supported by its full bars and restaurants, its busy town centre and its very amusing artistic and historical scenery. Ipswich, where The University of Suffolk is located, is a flourishing economic centre, home to BT’s global research and development headquarters, Adastral Park and another seventy ICT-focused firms. In general, this small city is growing fast and has one of the highest employment rates in the country.

The university can be found on an attractive waterfront in Ipswich, Suffolk, and is close to the town centre and train station. It has efficient transportation links to London and to a limitless amount of international destinations through Stansted Airport. The university campus is surrounded by state-of-the-art surroundings

The student life is strongly and positively affected by the great relationship and support students have with university staff. Therefore, students are also able to gain teaching of the highest level which is supported by the advanced and modern facilities that are offered.




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Accounting and Financial Management

Adult Nursing

Applied Care Practise


Art Practise

Biomedical Science


Business and Management

Business Management

Children’s Care, Learning and Development

Children’s Care, Play and Wellbeing

Children’s Nursing

Civil Engineering

Computer Games Design

Computer Games Programming

Computer Games Technology

Computer Technologies

Computing and Business Management

Construction Management


Creative and Commercial Music

Creative Interactive Media


Criminology and Law

Criminology and Sociology

Cyber Security



Diagnostic Radiography

Digital Film Production

Early Childhood Studies

Early Learning

Economics, Banking and Finance

Electrical Engineering


English Literature

Environment and Sustainable Energy

Event and Marketing Management

Event and Tourism Management

Fashion and Textiles

Fashion Communication and Promotion

Film Studies

Fine Art

Forensic Investigation

Graphic and Communication Design

Graphic Design

Health and Wellbeing


History and Applied Sociology

Human Geography


Law with Business Management

Law with Criminology

Law with Politics

Law with sociology


Mechanical Engineering

Mental Health Nursing


Mobile and Web Development

Network Engineering

Nutrition and Human Health

Operating Department Practise

Operations Engineering

Paramedic Science



Politics and Economics

Politics and History

Politics and Sociology

Practical Life-Sciences

Primary Education Studies

Professional Policing


Psychology and Business Management

Psychology and Early Childhood Studies

Psychology and Sociology

Psychology with Criminology

Radiotherapy and Oncology


Social Science

Social Work


Software Development

Software Engineering

Special Educational Needs & Disability Studies

Sport and Exercise Science

Sport and Performance Psychology

Sport Performance Analysis

Sport, Health and Exercise

Strength and Conditioning

Tourism Management

Visual Effects and Post Production

Wildlife, Ecology and Conservation Science