The University of Chichester can trace its origins back to 1839.

There is something special about studying at the University of Chichester. It’s unlike any other university you are likely to visit. There is a close-knit friendly community feel at Chichester which is created by a small compact campus. This environment enables students to form lasting friendships with peers and lecturers very quickly.  You will feel part of University life from the very first day you arrive, and one that you can participate in if you wish. The University not only offers a friendly and supportive learning environment, but an excellent mix of opportunities in a safe area where students can experience a bit of everything.

The University of Chichester comprises of two campuses based in Bognor Regis and Chichester, located in the county of West Sussex. Both campuses are situated in local town areas and surrounded with vibrant atmospheres.

Its mission is to be a university community that inspires and enables individuals to exceed their expectations. The University of Chichester will be internationally recognised as a beacon of good practice for high quality, student-centred higher education within a supportive community of learning. It prides itself on its excellent facilities for students at both of its campuses, the last few years has seen extensive redevelopment work to improve and update facilities on the campuses.



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Medieval and Early Modern History

Charity Development

Commercial Music (Platform One, Isle of Wight)

Community Sport Coaching

Early Childhood Studies

Education, Special Needs and Disability

Accounting and Finance


Sport and Exercise Psychology

Music with Teaching

Music with IES

Music, Marketing and Administration

Musical Theatre (Triple Threat)

Sport Business and Management

Sport Science and Coaching

Musical Theatre and Arts Development

Sport Development and Coaching

Painting and Drawing

Sport Studies


Sports Therapy

Vocal Performance

Physical Education (PE) and Sports Coaching

Politics and Contemporary History


Vocal Teaching

Primary Teaching with Early Years


Music with Musical Theatre

Event Management and Sustainable Tourism Management

Business Studies and Finance

Event Management

Outdoor and Adventure Education

Event Management and Finance

Business Studies and Event Management

Event Management and Human Resource Management

Business Studies and Human Resource Management

Event Management and It Management for Business

Business Studies and It Management

Event Management with IES

Business Studies and Marketing

Fine Art with Printmaking

Fine Art with Sculpture

Fine Art with Textiles

Accounting & Finance and IES

Fine Art

Film and Television Studies

Business Studies

Football Coaching and Performance

Software Development for Business

Football Coaching and Performance

Humanistic Counselling

Business Studies with IES

Business Studies and IES

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management and Finance

Human Resource Management and IES

Mathematics and Teaching for Key Stages 2 And 3

Human Resource Management with IES

It Management for Business


It Management for Business and Human Resource Management

It Management for Business and IES

Marketing and Event Management

It Management for Business with IES

Instrumental Teaching

Jazz Performance

Marketing and Human Resource Management

Marketing and Finance

Community Sport Coaching

Creative Writing and Theology & Religious Studies

Marketing and IES

Marketing with IES

Music and Musical Theatre


IES and Music

Children and Families

Adult Social Care

History and IES

History with IES

History and Theology & Religious Studies

Orchestral Performance

Advanced Applied Psychology

Choral Directing

Sports Media

Modern History

Creative Writing and History


Digital Marketing

History of Art and Fine Art

Creative Writing and Philosophy & Ethics

English Literature & Language and History

English Literature and History

English Literature and Politics

English Literature and Philosophy & Ethics

History and Philosophy & Ethics

Politics and Theology & Religious Studies

Politics and Philosophy & Ethics

English Literature and Theology & Religious Studies

Physical Education (PE) In the Primary Years

Physical Education (PE) In the Secondary Years



Creative and Digital Media

Music Performance and Acting for Film

Musical Theatre and Acting for Film

International English Studies (IES)

Business Studies and Tourism Management

Music Performance

Sport and Exercise Science

Primary Teaching with Subject Specialism

Digital and Technology Solutions Professional (Software Engineer)

Acting for Film

Theatre (Performance and Production)

Performing Arts (Theatre Performance and Dance)

Sport, Health and Exercise Science

Music with Arts Development

Music with Jazz Studies

Music with Workshop Leadership

Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship

Media and Communications

Musical Theatre Performance

Screen Acting and Creative Technologies

Mathematics and Finance

Creative Writing and Screenwriting

Education and Mathematics

Social Work

English Literature

Creative Writing and English

English Literature and Language

Creative Writing

English Literature and Drama Studies

Drama and Theatre

3d Animation and Visual Effects

Business Studies and Tourism Management

Event Management and Tourism Management

Marketing and Tourism Management

Sport Tourism

Tourism and Hospitality Management

Mechanical Engineering

Biomedical Materials Engineering

Sports Engineering

Electronics & Electrical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering and Materials

Product Design & Innovation

Digital Film Technologies

Data Science

Creative Science

Product Design

Product Design

Mathematics and Statistics


Tourism Management

Sport and Exercise Science (Performance Sailing)

Digital Film Production and Screenwriting

Tourism Management and IES

Sustainable Tourism Management with IES

Sport and Exercise Science (Sport Performance)

Sport and Exercise Science (Physical Activity for Health)

Event and Hospitality Management

Tourism Management with International English Studies

Environmental Management and Sustainability for Business


Philosophy and Ethics

Religion, Ethics and Society


Dance Performance

Dance Science