Tilburg University is a public research university, located in Tilburg in the southern part of the Netherlands. In 2017 Tilburg University celebrated its 90th anniversary. In 2020, the University was ranked 17th worldwide and 4th in Europe in Economics and Business field, by the “US News 2020” ranking. The University regularly takes a leading position in the international rankings and belongs to the top universities in Economics, Business, Law and Psychology. Its main goal is to inspire students to reach their full potential and in doing so, have a positive impact on the world.

The educational profile of Tilburg University is built on three pillars; knowledge, skills and character. Besides in-depth academic knowledge and professional expertise, a great deal of attention is paid to students’ development of skills and moral character. Students are continuously encouraged to come up with creative ideas and think beyond conventional solutions and methodologies, take part in workshops and training courses, as well as join career events and meet companies on campus. In-class discussions and group work keep them actively engaged and involved. Generally, in Tilburg University, students are educated to become thinkers who dare to act and contribute to society.

Tilburg University has a flourishing student life with over 40 student organizations, excellent sports facilities, and a large number of pubs and bars. Tilburg is a city and municipality, in the southern province of North Brabant and it is the sixth-largest municipality in the Netherlands. The city is a mix of traditional and modern architecture, from factory houses and villas to sprawling housing estates. On a cultural level, Tilburg has cinemas, museums and concert halls, which are combined with the numerous events organized by and within the city such as festivals, exhibitions and conferences. It is well known for its ten-day-long funfair, held in July every year.




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International Business Administration

Business Economics


Econometrics and Operations Research

Fiscal Economics

Administrative Law & Public Administration

Dutch Law

Tax Law

Global Law LLB

Public Governance

Human Resources Studies

Organization Studies


Global Management of Social Issues


Communication & Information Sciences

Online Culture (General Culture Studies)

Online Culture: Art, Media & Society


Cognitive Science & Artificial Intelligence

Catholic Theology (in cooperation with Utrecht University)