The NIT Northern Institute of Technology is the top tier Business School of the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) and offers an MBA program in Technology Management; As a single degree or a double degree with 2 university degrees in cooperation with the TUHH. The possible – in addition to Technology Management – master’s degree courses are Computer Science (Information and Communication Systems), Microelectronics and Microsystems, Mechatronics, Mechanical Engineering and Management, Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering and Environmental Engineering. It is also possible to study Technology Management (MBA) concurrently with the doctoral thesis, PhD.

The Technology Management Program is operated and organized by the NIT for the Hamburg University of Technology, a fully-fledged public university with a strong emphasis on research. The Technology Management master’s degree is conferred by Hamburg University of Technology.

This programme is especially tailored for engineers, natural scientists and economists to become strong decision makers, inspiring team leaders and succesful project manager in the fields of innovation and technology.

Students from all over the world live and learn together on the NIT campus, as it offers more than 60 apartments on the upper floors of the NIT building directly on campus. Moreover, Hamburg, is the second-largest city in Germany and has more bridges than Venice, London and Amsterdam combined. The size of a city can make a big difference on your study experience. Whether you prefer the feel and pace of the biggest bustling cities or a smaller and quieter feel, U-Multirank has you covered.




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MBA Technology Management

Double master programme: Technology Management at NIT + Engineering or Science at TUHH