Stenden University of Applied Sciences is a state-funded university with headquarters in the north of the Netherlands. Stenden University is a multi-campus university, with Dutch roots but a strong international focus, as is evident by its international branch campuses in Bali, Qatar, South Africa, and Thailand.

Stenden University strives to find new ways to integrate education, research, and the latest developments in the professional world. Students, lecturers, and researchers work together in small teams on real-life cases, and they test their innovative ideas in practice. Specifically, students work on assignments from actual clients, making this the best way to prepare them for their future field. Studying at NHL Stenden means becoming a strong-willed and resourceful professional, able to act with thoughtful assertiveness.


NHL Stenden campus Leeuwarden

NHL Stenden’s main campus is located in Leeuwarden, which is in the north-western part of the Netherlands, about a 90-minute drive from Amsterdam and 30 minutes from the North Sea coast. The campus provides access to modern facilities such as computer labs, a library, a gym, a bank, a cafeteria and even an employment agency. In Leeuwarden, someone can even find the Stenden Hotel run by students from the university’s School of Hotel Management.

NHL Stenden campus Emmen

The Emmen branch is the second-largest branch after Leeuwarden, with a large, centrally located campus. The campus facilities have been completely refurbished and include a media centre, a library and a cafeteria. As a city Emmen has lots to offer its student population, such as shopping, cinemas, sports, arts and culture. The city has grown into a high-tech hub and offers a stimulating environment for students and professionals alike.

NHL Stenden campus Meppel

Meppel is the most intimate of all campuses. It hosts the unique course in International Teacher Education for Primary Schools (ITEPS), which is offered in conjunction with two partner universities in Norway and Denmark. Meppel in general is a warm and welcoming town, with numerous parks, canals, dining spots, theatres and cinemas. Despite its small size, Meppel is highly international, with students and staff from a variety of countries.

NHL Stenden campus Groningen

If you are looking forward to studying in a student city, then Groningen is one of the best places to do so. In Groningen there are plenty of places to spend your free time, like pubs, restaurants, theatres, cinemas, and museums. There are many sports clubs and gyms that students can join as well.

NHL Stenden campus Terschelling

When participating in a programme of the Maritime Institute, students will be located at the island Terschelling, which will give an extra dimension to their study abroad experience. Terschelling is one of the West Frisian Islands in the northern part of the Netherlands and it is well known for the yearly Oerol Festival during which theatre performances are played throughout the island, making use of its landscape and nature. On campus, students have access to a public space with a bar as well as a sports area.




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