This Privacy Notice explains the nature of the personal information that the Company processes for the purposes of the provision of consulting.

The Company (We or Us) are data controller in respect of the information that We process about you. Our contact details are Studynet Academic Consultants, PO Box 70532, Limassol, 3800, Cyprus. Tel: +357 25 565535.

This notice explains what personal information We collect, hold and share in support of these purposes and your rights in respect of the data We hold about you.

Your privacy is important to Us, so if there is anything in this privacy notice that is unclear or you do not understand, please contact us at: info@study-net.eu 


To manage its operations effectively, provide services to you, and meet certain legal requirements, We need to collect, record, store, use, share, retain and destroy (this is known as ‘processing’) your personal data. Over your time with Us, we will collect and process a number of different types of personal data. 

Preparing your application with Studynet Academic Consultants

To provide you with consultation support from application to enrolment, We will process a number of different types of personal data including your name, address, contact details, previous education, date of birth, domicile, marital status, qualifications, programmes studied, fee payments and information about your tutorials, examinations, assessments and results. We may also collect sensitive personal data from you (see further below). We will collect this information from your directly, via forms and applications, or we may collect it from third parties including previous education providers, exam boards, referees, employers, relatives, agents and sponsors. Your personal data will be used by Us to provide you with general services, such as accommodation applications, educational information and support, such as careers services, guidance tutors and study advice. We may also process data that relates to disciplinary matters, or fitness to practice proceedings where applicable. We may also collect information regarding criminal conviction declarations, and for certain programmes of study, information about past criminal convictions will be processed for the purposes of safeguarding the wellbeing and security of our partners’ staff, students and visitors, or for ensuring We meet obligations for public protection, including those requiring checks with the Disclosure Barring Service (DBS). 

More sensitive and personal information

In addition to this, We may process some personal data which is more sensitive (this is known as special categories of personal data), such as details about your ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, health and disability to process this information for the requirements of your university in order to their facilitate the monitoring of equal opportunities, to provide you with support and assistance, for statistical and research purposes and to comply with their duties under the Equality Act 2010. If you seek support from university Wellbeing Services teams, including disability, they will also collect sensitive information from you and process it in order to provide you with their support services. We may collect this data directly from you or via third parties such as parents or agents that are acting on your behalf. 

Engaging with Us

We may hold other information that you have voluntarily shared with Us as part of your engagement with the Company. Where you engage with Us, either through the Company Website or other campaigns or email correspondence We may use cookies to monitor and record your engagement with Us. Please see the Website Privacy Notice for more information on how We use cookies.


Under data protection laws We must have a legitimate and lawful basis for processing your personal data. There are several lawful grounds within data protection law that apply to the different data that We are processing, and these are explained below: 

For the performance of a contract (or negotiations entering into a contract)

This will apply to any personal data that We process for the purposes of administering and delivering your applications and related activities that support delivery of your course, including additional services We offer such as careers support and internal and external events opportunities that may support of your studies. The vast majority of uses of your personal data will be for this reason, and will apply to the data we collect when you apply for a course of study, through to your enrolment. 

For legitimate interests

In some instances We may process your personal information where we judge the use to be within our legitimate interests (or the legitimate interests of another party) and where we do not deem this be a privacy intrusive or a risk to your own rights and freedoms. For example, we may need to process personal information for the purposes of identifying or rectifying issues with our IT services. Where the use of data poses no risks to individuals and is for the purposes of improving services or investigating technical issues, this is likely to be the basis that will apply. 


We may also process your personal information with your consent. Consent must be freely given, informed, specific and We must keep a record of that consent. Where you have consented to a use of your data you will have the right to withdraw that consent at any time. An example may be where you have given us consent to discuss your circumstances with a representative or family member or where you wish to receive some types of communications from us after you have completed your studies. 


We may disclose necessary personal data to third parties, where there is legitimate need or obligation, during or after your period of application. Such disclosure is subject to procedures to ensure the identity and legitimacy of such third parties. These third parties may include the following depending on your individual circumstances: 

Higher Education (HE) institutions or Employer placement

Where students are involved in foundation programmes, undergraduate programmes, postgraduate programmes, exchange or placement programmes, joint or double programmes, or similar study arrangements, or employer placements the Company may disclose their personal data, including sensitive personal data such as any disability information they may need to be aware of, to the partner institution (or related organisations) for the purposes of administering the application. Students that are studying abroad as part of these arrangements should be aware that their personal information may be sent to, stored and used by overseas partner institutions (and related organisations) who may have data protection laws that differ to our own. The data is shared in connection with the performance of your student contract or is considered by the Company to be a consulting activity, forming part of our consultation mission. We will therefore disclose this data to the Institution/Company because it is necessary for the performance of our tasks carried out in the public interest. 

Sponsors, loan organisations and scholarship schemes

Where students have a sponsor, scholarship scheme or a loan provider, the Company may disclose student personal data to these organisations to determine whether support should continue. Personal data about students may be disclosed to third parties attempting to recover debt on behalf of an educational institution where internal procedures have failed. The data is shared in connection with the performance of your student contract. 

Parents, guardians and other relatives

The Company may disclose a student’s personal data to parents, guardians and any other relative, unless students have informed us otherwise. Further details can be found in the section Releasing information to parents, other relatives and third parties. This information is shared with your consent unless We believe it is in your vital interests, or the vital interests of another, to do so. 

Medical Practices

The Company provides your name, and student ID to the medical practice subject to data sharing agreements between them and your educational institution. This will be transferred to assist students with enrolling with a local GP and is shared on the basis of legitimate interests. If you do not choose to register with a local GP, your details will be deleted from the practice database.

University estate, halls and accommodation (including university partnerships)

The Company shares information with third parties managing a university’s estate, halls and accommodation. This information is shared in connection with the performance of your student or accommodation contract (s).

Higher Education (HE), employment agencies, prospective employers and third parties

The Company will routinely ask for the consent of students before disclosing details of any award. However in circumstances where there is any reason to suspect the validity of an award declared to any of the above, or where a false declaration of an award is suspected, We may share limited information as to whether the award declared matches our records without consent, where this is the case it will be shared for the purposes of performing a public task in the public interest.


Retention of your personal data that relates to the performance of your applications and studies and interactions with Higher Education, universities and their department, such as Wellbeing Services and Accommodation will be retained for 6 years after the end of our relationship with you. This may be longer if you have an appeal, complaint or ongoing matters with a University after you graduate.


Your personal information is stored securely within the Company and our staff is trained about the secure handling of personal information. We also use third party providers to deliver our services, such as externally hosted software or cloud providers, including some that involve transfers of data outside of the EU. Where we do this We ensure that your personal data is treated by those third parties in a way that is consistent with and which respects the EU laws on data protection. We may also share your personal information with countries outside of the EU if you participate in international placements or exchange visits or courses. Where this is the case We have required such third parties to agree to the EU model clauses (or equivalent measures) on transfers of data to parties outside of the EU.


The accuracy of your information is important to us. You can update your information, including your address and contact details, at any time. If you need to update the details We hold about you, or believe We hold inaccurate data please contact us at: info@study-net.eu.


Under data protection law you have the right to:

  • Withdraw your consent where that is the legal basis of our processing
  • Access your personal data that We process
  • Rectify inaccuracies in personal data that We hold about you
  • Be erased, that is your details to be removed from systems that We use to process your personal data
  • Restrict the processing in certain ways
  • Obtain a copy of your data in a commonly used electronic form; and
  • Object to certain processing of your personal data by us

Please see the European Commission website for further information on the above rights:


If you would like to exercise your rights, or have any concerns regarding how We have handled your personal information please contact our Office at info@study-net.eu

Some rights are dependent on the lawful basis for processing your information. If We have legitimate grounds to not carry out your wishes, these will be explained to you in response to your request.

You also have the right to complain to the Office of the Commissioner for Personal Data Protection.


If there is anything in this notice that you are unclear about, please contact our Office, on the contact details below, who shall be happy to answer any queries you may have concerning this privacy notice or the way in which We process your personal data.

By mail: Studynet Academic Consultants, PO Box 70532, Limassol 3800

By email: info@study-net.eu

By phone: 25 565535

Complaints can be referred to the Personal Data Protection, the independent body who oversee Data Protection compliance in Cyprus.

Email: commissioner@dataprotection.gov.cy


We keep our privacy notice under regular review to ensure best practice and compliance with the law. This privacy notice was last updated on 07/11/2018.

We may change this privacy notice from time to time. If We make significant changes in the way We treat your personal information We will make this clear on our website and may seek to notify you directly.


If you have any questions about this notice, our Office can be contacted at: By mail: Studynet Academic Consultants, PO Box 70532, Limassol 3800, Telephone: 25 565535, Email: info@study-net.eu