Can I Study in the United Kingdom?

All EU students and International students are eligible for a place at a UK university, as long as they have the qualifications needed, as is the case with all higher education systems.

What do I need to be offered a place at a University? Do I have the appropriate qualifications?

The qualification requirements for each course and / or university are different. However, you can find out about these by visiting one of our public events or simply by contacting us for a free consultation.

Which University should I aim for? What course should I follow?

You have reached our area of expertise! By booking an appointment with us and answering some simple questions we will be able to provide these answers to you.

When do I apply?

Deadlines are very important for your applications. Dates can vary from year to year, so you should consult your advisor and make sure you keep to your obligations towards universities.

When will I have an answer from the University?

This will mainly depend on how early you will apply, although there is a deadline within which universities are required to answer the students.

What type of answers will I receive? What happens after I receive my offers?

Depending on whether you have applied for undergraduate or postgraduate studies, university responses will vary in form. All the answers will be processed by us and will be given to you, to ensure that you have all the information you need to make a proper and valid decision for the choice of your studies.

What is the cost of studying in the United Kingdom? What is the cost living in the in the United Kingdom?

These costs often vary from person to person, as each student’s lifestyle and location differs. However, this is a general cost allocation list:

Accommodation 38%

Food & Cosmetics 23%

Utilities accounts 15%

Entertainment 8%

Transport cost 8%


Household 4%

Books & Papers 4%


Apart from these, there is the cost of tuition fees which is cuurently set at £ 9.250

How can I pay for these costs? Are there financial aids available? Am I eligible for a scholarship?

As far as tuition fees are concerned, most students apply for the Student Loan through their respective country organization, in the case of the United Kingdom, The Student Loans Company. There are also private education loans offered by most private banking institutions that could help to partially cover other costs.

More information can be found in our Student Loan Guide.

How will I be assessed during my studies? Is it Difficult? Will I get a second chance?

The answers to these will be given in our Start-up Guide and Study Guide respectively. These are given to our applicants at the beginning of their summer vacation so that they have the time it takes to cover the material with useful information such as these.

You can find samples of these books in the Guides page.

What about accommodation? Where will I stay?

Once we have secured a place at a university, we will work with you to choose the most suitable form of housing through your university.

Moreover, here at StudyNet we offer a full range of Private Accommodation Services that provide you with a private room with a private bathroom and toilet in a large number of UK cities and universities.

For more information on this option, visit our Accommodation page.

What is student life like in the UK?

Most universities are in campus based. With nightclubs and bars being student friendly, gyms, theaters and multi-screen cinemas, international exhibitions and outdoor museums, concerts and soccer games are all part of the everyday life of students. So be prepared for the experiences of a life time.

Take advantage of all student discounts and offers, travel and entertainment tickets and take an active role. There are so many things to do, see and participate in in so little time. Your studies are just a part of being a student!

And if after all this you cannot find a student-club that suits your needs for entertainment, gather some friends and make one. The student union will support your effort and provide you with the capital.