At StudyNet Academic Consultants, we make sure to leave nothing to chance when it comes to your future.

Our team of counselors and consultants are not only well equipped, but have more than 20 years of experience and expertise in advising students on the best options for their studies.

Who We Are

StudyNet Academic Consultants was formed in 1996 to capture an ever-growing market of Cypriot Students who wished to further their education overseas.

Subsequently, our work expanded to creating a complete solutions package in careers guidance for students of secondary and tertiary education who require the necessary guidance for their personal choices in relation to their future profession.

Our office is based in Limassol and is staffed by highly skilled and experienced individuals, consultants, who are next to each candidate at every stage and are looking for the most suitable options for the achievement of their academic goals, guiding and supporting students individually in order for them to take the best decisions for their studies.

Our Services
  • We provide career guidance to middle school and high school students and undergraduate and postgraduate students.
  • We utilise a reliable career guidance tool.
  • We offer complete solutions for the difficult process of studying abroad.
  • We undertake the completion of the necessary applications and take the necessary actions needed for the smooth introduction of each candidate into higher education.
  • We arrange individual meetings with university representatives.
  • We conduct preparation seminars.
  • We ensure university or private accommodation.
  • We process and check the personal statement of each candidate.
Objectives - Perspectives
  • To help and support each candidate to acquire all the necessary supplies and knowledge, so that they are able to fulfil their academic and professional goals.
  • To inform candidates about the various educational institutions and the complex entry system of Higher education.
  • To purposefully guide candidates to discover their inclinations, interests, skills and abilities in order for them to make the right choice in their career pathways.
  • To provide candidates with the most appropriate and effective opportunities for their future progress.
Our Values
  • We represent and collaborate with a large number of distinguished universities and have the ability to directly connect each candidate with the educational institutions that he/she desires. We have also established close ties and business ties with UK universities.
  • We have been successfully providing necessary counselling support for more than 20 years, with the aim of helping candidates make a correct and conscious decision for their future career path, whilst also assuring that they are admitted to some of the top universities of the world.
  • Our team is highly qualified and well trained by the British Council, as well as by top international university partners.
  • We prepare the groundwork so that the student life of each candidate can be a remarkable experience which will create a brilliant career.
  • Our successful journey is contributed to the fact that the personal interests of each individual candidate are at the heart of our services.
Our mission

We have designed specialized services that aim to rid candidates of all kinds of concerns and worries that revolve around their studies. Our mission is to continuously expand the range of services that we offer to students and their families, as nothing will ever be enough for their success.