Guidance and Counselling
At StudyNet Academic Consultants, we make sure to leave nothing to chance when it comes to your future. Our team of counselors and consultants are not only well equipped, but have more than 20 years of experience and expertise in advising students on the best options for their studies.

To our students we offer consultancy services regarding all areas of student life, and we deal with the whole process and all of the documentation needed for their applications. We also do our best to solve any issues which may arise within the process.

EvCareer Psychometric Test
The EvCareer Career Orientation series is a valuable tool for high school and middle school students who want to explore their interests and abilities and choose their preferred studies.


It is based on scientific methodology and the use of psychometric tools (tests and questionnaires) that assess competences, interests, values, motivation, personality and other equally important parameters of working life.

Guidance for students in High School
We try to give our high school students peace of mind by guiding them towards possible study options for university as best as we possibly can.


We know that high school, and especially the last year of high school can be stressful. So, once we have decided where and what our students want to study, we handle all of the application process and paperwork and even help them find accommodation.

Guidance for your Undergraduate Studies

By establishing firm relationships with International offices, we provide students with up-to-date information on the Universities, colleges and new courses, assisting them to make the right decision for maximum gain from their studies.

We support students through their studies and application procedures, offering them professional and constructive advice in relation to their studies, opportunities and challenges of the student life.

Guidance for your Postgraduate Studies
Specialization is often the factor that makes the difference in today’s competitive labor market environment.


The choice of a ‘correct’ master’s degree could be the turning point in ones career and so it should be studied and selected with care.

Guidance for students in Middle School
We help students in middle school to recognize and develop their skills, abilities and motivations.
Support in pathway selection for high school.