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University of Erfurt

Founded in 1379 as the oldest university on current German territory, it has made a name for itself since reopening its doors in the year 1994 because of the quantity and quality of its academic achievements in the fields of education, religion, and other key disciplines and institutes. It is simultaneously one of the oldest and one of the youngest public universities in Germany and stands out for not charging tuition fees (except for further study programmes). All curricula, including those for teacher training, have been accredited as best-practice models for the implementation of the Bologna system.


The numbers run in approximately 5,500 registered students, approximately 500 faculty and staff, situated in a city with a general population of 200,000. The campus is close to Erfurt’s downtown area, making the University of Erfurt a lively part of the Thuringian capital with its low cost of living and its wide range of cultural and recreational activities.


The University of Erfurt is a reform university for the arts and humanities with a particular focus on cultural and social sciences. The close ties between the Faculty of Philosophy; Faculty of Education; Faculty of Economics, Law, and Social Sciences; Faculty of Catholic Theology; and the Max Weber Center help the university as a whole to forge new paths in teaching and research. Forward-looking academic programs that combine subject-specific knowledge and professionalization, modern forms of teacher training, and the interdisciplinary general education program are particular distinctions of the University of Erfurt. The mentoring program and excellent student-faculty ratio guarantee that students will receive a high-quality education.


Worldwide relations in teaching and research, internationally compatible degree programmes, and a focus on providing study condititions which are beneficial for both German and international students, are integral parts in the profile of the University of Erfurt. Whether you are "incoming" or "outgoing", on the "international" pages you will find information regarding exchange programmes, partner institutions and course offerings for full-time and exchange students.

For more information visit www.uni-erfurt.de

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