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Marshall University


Marshall University is a multi-campus public university providing innovative undergraduate and graduate education that contributes to the development of society and the individual. The University actively facilitates learning through the preservation, discovery, synthesis, and dissemination of knowledge.


Marshall traces its origin to 1837 when residents of the community of Guyandotte, then part of Virginia, and the farming region nearby turned their attention to providing better educational facilities for their sons and daughters. According to tradition, they met at the home of local lawyer John Laidley, planned their school, and named it Marshall Academy in honor of the late Chief Justice of the United States John Marshall. They chose Maple Grove as the site for their school. It had been the site of a three-month subscription school as well as the church. Old Main, the administration building at Marshall University, stands on a site once known as Maple Grove. A small log building erected there in the early part of the 1800’s was called Mount Hebron Church – used by many denominations.


Marshall University offers programs which encourage individual growth through the attainment of scholarship, acquisition of skills, and development of personality. Marshall also recognizes an obligation to the state and community by offering evening, off-campus, and Internet classes, as well as lectures, artistic programs, conferences, forums, and other campus and field activities.


The richness of the Marshall community reflects diversity of culture, region, age, socio-economic level, sexual orientation, ability and a myriad of ethnic backgrounds. You will find Marshall University is a microcosm of a globalized society.  You are urged to step outside of your comfort zone and get to know someone different from yourself. Enhance your knowledge through program participation, attendance at a cultural celebration or by taking a course that explores Women’s issues, Latin American Studies or Jewish history. The Division of Multicultural Affairs serves as a leader and advocate for awareness, acceptance and inclusion of all people. At Marshall you will experience the richness of diverse cultures, communities, and societies through a culturally educated view of the world. Marshall University provides the opportunity for you to expand your view of the world.


In the residence halls, you will live in a group environment while enjoying opportunities to establish your independence. Here, you are a part of a living and learning community in which you can forge lasting friendships. People and events will provide you with challenges, support, and fun. It’s a learning experience unlike any that occurs in a classroom.

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