At StudyNet Academic Consultants, we make sure to leave nothing to chance when it comes to your future.

Our team of counselors and consultants are not only well equipped, but have more than 20 years of experience and expertise in advising students on the best options for their studies.

Who We Are

StudyNet Academic Consultants Cyprus is a student recruitment agency founded in 1996. Our goal is to capture the ever-growing market of Cypriot Students who wish to further their education overseas.

To our students we offer consultancy services regarding all areas of student life, we deal with the whole process and all of the documentation needed for their applications. We also do our best to solve any issues which may arise within the process and lastly, we arrange accommodation for student all over the UK.

Our Mission

Giving priority to each one of you, discussing with you, understanding your worries, aims and strategies, we plan the ideal recruitment environment both in terms of working relationships with us as well as with students and the market.

Our Dedication

StudyNet’s aim is to work closely with the student to design an educational and/or training package that will offer him/her the best competitive advantage to pursue a successful career and adequately explore all available opportunities.

StudyNet is dedicated to the students and committed to a choice of quality services. We strongly believe in advising students not only on the academic issues but also on the lifestyle, the surroundings, the location and the sites of interest that are best suited to their individual career development needs and personality.

Our Commitment

By establishing firm relationships with International offices, we provide students with up-to-date information on the Universities, colleges and new courses, assisting them to make the right decision for maximum gain from their studies.

We support students through their studies and application procedures, offering them professional and constructive advice in relation to their studies, opportunities and challenges of the student life.